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Quit 4 Baby

The best thing you can do for your baby is not smoke. You CAN quit smoking.

Making healthy choices such as quitting smoking, eating healthy food and avoiding alcohol when you become pregnant will not only make you feel better, but it will give your baby a great start to life!

You are not alone...

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Around one in seven pregnant women in NSW are smokers.
You may find that the stigma associated with smoking in pregnancy makes you angry, or even defiant. But even the women who say they feel that way are glad for the opportunity to learn about the potential harm that smoking during pregnancy can have on their baby. Most women are surprised to learn that smoking during pregnancy is likely to effect their child’s whole life. What counts is your health, and the health of your baby.


Perhaps you despair that it's all too hard, especially in this stressful time of life. Australian guidelines now recognize that many mothers to be can benefit from the support of nicotine replacement therapy even during pregnancy.  Perhaps the support of a professional counsellor from the Quit Line can make the difference.

You owe it to yourself to learn the facts, and discover the supports that are now available. Talk to your doctor, or a pharmacist, or call the Quitline. You may even find that after you have quit for your baby you might want to stay quit for yourself.





Quit 4 Baby is a joint initiative of the Health Promotion Service NSCCAHS and Links to Health Smoking Cessation Clinic

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